Discover all the secret codes of your Android device

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Today I’ll show you a list of secret codes you can type on your dial pad to get additional informations about your device.

The following codes are tested on my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.3.



This code show your IMEI number:




This code show additional informations about phone, usage, WiFi and battery:





This code show the GTalk Service Monitor:





This code show the number of festivities and events in your calendar:




This code show email debug informations:




This code show Google Play services’s debug informations:



This code show Google Partner Setup:



These are the working ones on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but if you like to discover all the codes for your specific phone you can install this nice app:

App Name


The first time you run the app you just need to tap on Search Codes


…then choose Run Search




…and wait to process all the hidden codes in your Android device.SecretCodes11

When it will finish you just tap on Yes to see the list of codes:SecretCodes12

If you want to try one code you just tap on it…SecretCodes13

… and you’ll have information about the code provided by other users. You can provide your description by tapping on Add Description.

If you like to try the code just tap on Launch Code.SecretCodes14


The list of codes the app will discover are not just dependent to your device, but also the apps/games you have installed.


Let’s discover all the secret codes in your device! :)







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4 comments on “Discover all the secret codes of your Android device

  1. robert smith

    Secret codes for AOSP please

    • megasoft78

      Robert did you try the suggested app?

  2. miguel

    Hi buddy, I can not use any codes in my device… I wrote the numbers but nothing happend when I write the last simbol.. help me..

    • megasoft78

      Hi Miguel,
      Did you tried to discover new codes using the app?
      What device do you have?

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