Cross Equate : Improve your math skills with this puzzle game

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Are you looking for a fun game to improve your math skills? Here’s a nice one where you’ll enjoy the math : Cross Equate

We normally think that math is boring, but with this game you’ll change your mind.

It’s a nice puzzle game where you need to think which combinations of numbers and math operators are going to fit correctly in the existing pattern.

The main screen let you start the game, learn how to play it, select the theme you’d like to use and eventually enable/disable the sound effects.


There are 3 nice themes you can use the make this game more enjoyable.


You can now choose the phase (there are 3 phases with 20 levels each one)…


and the level.


The game consist in writing in the empty spaces numbers and math operators to make the horizontal and vertical operation right.


As you can see from the following screen I put in the horizontal line 4 x 9 and the result match with 36 and in the vertical line 3 x 8 and the result match with 24.

You can now tap on Check and if you solve it correctly you’ll earn coins and move to the next level.


This game is very simple to play, but very nice because it let you think on how to solve the math problem.

Let’s enjoy the nice and fun part of the math! :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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