Construction City : Guide builder machines and get the work done

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Do you think you are good as builder? Would you like to guide builder machines? Check this game : Construction City

It’s really nice to drive a builder machine and we’ll understand how much difficult is to control them.

The main screen let you start to play the game or choose few options like enable/disable music, sound, vibration.


When we start the game we have to choose in which area we want to work…


…and choose the level.


Here’s level 3 of Bridge area. We have to control 2 machines in order to load objects on the truck.

We can move the truck using the buttons at the bottom left side of the screen.


After we position the truck we can touch on switch button to control the other machine.

This machine is a lot more complex to control. We have the same button like the truck to move it.

We also have a pad control on the right to move the mechanical arm and a up and down control to move the cable. When you move the cable over the object you have to tap on the pliers.

We can now move over the truck and tap on pliers again when we are ready to drop the object.

Be aware that the can is explosive. You need to avoid to touch other object. :)



I tried quite a bit and I really enjoy this game.

Let’s try it! :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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2 comments on “Construction City : Guide builder machines and get the work done

  1. Menso

    Great game, lift, drive, fly, load, unload…everything. I really enjoyed playing this game.

    Author of game has great tutorials about andengine, in case u r developer check it out:

    • megasoft78

      Nice! I’m actually using libgdx because it let me test my game without the phone! :)

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