Robo Miner : Dig deeper with your robot

Robo Miner is a nice game where you need to dig to find a diamond.

The first time you start the game you don’t have any saved state and you need to start a new one by tapping on New. You can also select the green bars icon to show your statistics or the gear button to show settings.

Here’s the statistics page. The first time everything will be zero, but after you start playing you’ll see something in there.

The settings icon will take you to a new screen where you can turn sound effects on/off, activate vibrate or change language (English or German).

If you select New you have to choose where you want to store information about your game

and then the difficulty:

The first time our little robot will ask us if we’d like to see the tutorial. It will explain in detail how to play the game:

The game is very simple to play, but it will require some time to complete some advanced levels. You control the robot by tapping where you want go.

It has limited battery as displayed on the top left side of the screen. When you are running out of energy you need to go back to UFO to recharge. If you remain without energy you’ll lose the game.

On the same side you’ll see the amount of money you earned through mining. Money will be very useful to buy upgrades for your robot.

You can save the state of the game by pressing on the disk icon and you can see the full map by tapping on the top right icon.

Here’s how the full map looks like. You can see some black areas because they are unexplored.

The robot have the ability to dig only brown rock. When we dig a brown rock below a grey one, we need to put a pillar or it will fall down. You can do it by tapping on the pillar icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

If a grey rock fall on the robot we lose the game. We have limited number of pillars and we need to go back to the UFO to recharge them.

You also have the possibility to move up using ladders, but again you have limited number of them and when you finish you need to go back to UFO to recharge them.

While you are digging you’ll earn money or upgrades like dynamite. You can use it to destroy multiple rocks, but you need to be away to avoid getting destroyed.

If you want to use the dynamite you just need to tap on the icon in the bottom left side of the screen.

When you’ll earn enough money you can buy upgrades for your robot like a Battery Upgrade to last longer.

I think it has a very nice game play that will keep you playing it for a long time. Learn more about play to earn games.

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eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall : Draw on a big wall simultaneously with other people

Have you ever wished to draw a graffiti on a wall? What about drawing it simultaneously with other people? Here’s the Android app will let you do it : eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall.

eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall is based on a really nice idea. Share a big wall with the other people and let you draw simultaneously with them.

It’s really nice to see people over the world coming from different cultures be able to share so easily something.

Drawing is a universal language and it’ll let you feel part of a community.

The main screen give you the possibility to decide if you want to draw on your own wall or you want to share your drawing skill with all the other players.

When you’ll decide to draw on the global wall you’ll see the current drawing and every change is going to be visible to everyone.

You can draw together with other people and create a community masterpiece! 

The app let you choose different tools to draw like line, circle, rectangle and spray.

Here’s some nice examples of the app in action:

Here’s a demonstration

When you finish your masterpiece you’ll be able to save it and share it with your friends.

Let’s try it. It’s really fun!

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Audionaut : Play a game with your music

Would you like to play a game using your own music? Here’s a nice running game where the level is music generated : Audionaut

Audionaut is an interstellar rhythm runner where you play to the beat of your favourite songs.

The main screen let you choose to start playing the game, choose few options, see credits of the authors or exit.

Here’s a couple of options : Rail light-up is an hint during the game it show you a line where the notes are and Note sound effect is a nice sound when you get a note.

If you choose to play you have to choose the level. There are 3 songs built-in. I tried the easy one and I like it a lot!

You can anyway choose My Music and use any song you like. I tried with Get Lucky – Daft Punk and it’s not really easy! 

After you choose the song the game will start. You are an astronaut and you need to collect notes and avoid obstacles.

You can move to left and right by tapping on left or right area of the screen.

At the top left side of the screen you can see your life. You loose a bit of it if you touch an obstacle.

On the top right of the screen you can see how much of the level you completed.

The level depends on the song you choose as the longer is the song, longer will be the level.

While you’re playing, you’ll see a ramp where you’ll jump to get notes at the top.

It’s a really nice game because it mix listening to your favorite music with a challenging game.

Let’s keep the rhythm!

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