Call Popout : Incoming calls into a chat head like UI

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How often are you playing a game or using an app and an incoming call automatically close down your app? You can now handle incoming calls keeping the app opened : Call Popout.

Call Popout is an app that reuse the concept already used by Facebook Messenger and Halo (Paranoid rom) to show you an incoming call in a chat head like UI.

It will show a circle with the name of the contact that is calling you and the image (if available). You can then tap on it and slide on one of the available actions (reject, accept, mute, toggle speaker, end call).


In the main screen you can choose 3 modes:

  • Off : The app is disabled
  • App List : The app will be used only on a selected list of apps
  • All apps : The app will always be used.

If you choose App List you have to select the list of apps by tapping on App list button.

You can choose if you want to silent the sound when you tap on the circle (Silent on touch), if you want to keep the circle visible after you pick the incoming call (Stay popout on pickup), the circle size (Head size) and where the circle will show (Alignment).


If you choose App list button you can select on which apps the app will be used.


As you can see is a very simple app, but at the same time it’s very useful.


The app is in Beta stage at the moment and you can install it or joining as tester or downloading the apk at the following link:


If you want to install from apk file you need enable it.

You can just follow this short video:


Enjoy! :)


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