Bubble Unblock : A nice logic/puzzle game

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Are you looking for a new logic game? Here’s a nice one you’ll enjoy to play : Bubble Unblock

Bubble Unblock is a game where you need to move balls over the places with same color. It sound easy right?

It’s not because you can’t move a ball over another one and you need to find the right moves to position every ball in the right place.

The main will let you play the game (Play), enable/disable sound and music (Options), check the leaderboard (Scoreloop) or quit.


By choosing Play you have to choose the level pack you want to play. You can choose just the first 2 level pack in the free version (64 levels). You can buy the other ones if you like.


After you choose the level pack you have to choose the level. You can choose a level only if you completed the previous ones.


As you can see the game seems very easy but you maybe take some time to get the solution for some advanced levels. It’s important to solve the level with less moves possible to improve your score. :)


It depends on how many moves you did to solve the puzzle you’ll get between 1 and 3 stars.


It’s a really nice game and you can enjoy playing it because it has a lot of levels in the free version and if you really like it you can always buy new ones.

Let’s try to unlock all the achievements! :)


Here’s a video of the game:


Here’s the link to download the game

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