Bloo Kid : An addictive retro-style platform game

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Do you remember old style platform games like Super Mario World? Here’s a nice one with a lot of levels : Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid is a nice reproduction of these old style games with plenty of worlds and levels.

The main screen let you Play the game or join to the community on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


If you select Play you have to choose the world and the level. The first time you play the game you can just choose the first level on the first world but when you’ll complete more levels new worlds will be unlocked.



After selecting the level, the game will start and you can use the arrows on the bottom left to move the character and the circle on the bottom right to jump.

The target of the game is kill all the enemies by jumping on them. On the top left side of the screen you can see the number of lives and the remaining number of enemies you need to kill.

If an enemy touch the character you’ll lose a life and when you lose all of them you lose the game. While you are progressing through the levels you’ll see many different enemies that will make everything more difficult.


It a really nice game and if you like old style platform games you’ll definitely enjoy playing it.


Here’s the link to download the game:

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