Arrow Mania : An original arcade and puzzle game

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Do you like puzzle and arcade games? This game will mix both into an original one: Arrow Mania

Arrow Mania is an original game because you really can’t put into a category. It’s not just a puzzle game but it’s not an arcade game as well.

It’s a nice mix and you’ll understand what I mean when you’ll play it.

The main screen is the standard one with just few buttons.


The Options button will let you configure volume for sound effect and music and to choose how you prefer to fire your arrow : by drawing forward or by pulling back.


The Start button will show you the screen where you decide the level and the difficulty.


The game is very simple to play but really fun. You need to move your arrow using the 2 buttons on the bottom left and right.

These buttons will activate a magnet on the left or on the right that will attract the arrow. You need to position your arrow on top of a board and shoot the target. When you’ll shoot the target the board will move up and put your arrow on another area.



The game will be trickier when in some levels you’ll see obstacles like birds that you shouldn’t shoot. If you shoot them 2 times you’ll lose.


It’s a really addictive game and it’s very fun to see the bird angry when you shoot it twice.

Let’s play it!


Here’s the link to download the game:

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