AntTek Quick Settings : Bring advanced Quick Settings to your Android device

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Are you looking for an easy and quick way to access to your device settings? Would you like to see quick settings with just a swipe? Here’s the app that you are looking for : AntTek Quick Settings

AntTek Quick Settings will bring you some of the features available only if you have Jelly Bean or a Custom ROM, together with a bunch of extra ones.

The first time you run the app, it will show you how to use it. To access to the quick settings you need to swipe from the top center.

You can decide which area will show the quick settings. The remaining area will be used for the standard notifications bar.

Here’s a screenshot of the freshly installed app:


Tapping on the top right button will let you customize the buttons.


Now that you are in this screen you can add new buttons (it can be everything like settings, contacts, apps) using the + sign at the bottom.

You can also move every button by just tapping for 2 seconds. If you want to remove a button just tap for 2 seconds and move it over the delete button.

Here a screenshot of the add new button screen:


You can change theme or even change which area you need to swipe in order to open this app. I suggest to explore all the advanced settings!


I think this app bring some very useful features in your device to speed up a lot of common operations.

Let’s try it!

Here’s the link to download the app:

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