An Intranet Solution for App Developers

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Development teams know the difficulty of managing a growing business. Finding ways to communicate and collaborate with freelancers and remote workers can be a tough nut to crack. Most of the young startups rely on free tools like, Slack or Trello, but often struggle with the limitation of functionality.

But is there a tech solution with the scalability to fit both a startup and a NASDAQ company? In this article we look at how an intranet solution could be the perfect option to take your business to the next level.

  • A cloud intranet will ease internal communications, ensuring that all team members stay connected. Feeds, blogs and newsletters will help to connect both internal and external staff and will replace unwanted office grapevine.
  • Also, quick deployment is a big plus of externally hosted intranet solutions. By using customizable pre-built templates, developers can focus their efforts on their own developments instead of wasting time with creating or maintaining collaboration tools.
  • Finally, scalability is a big plus, if you don’t want to stay indie forever. In case one of your hidden pearls becomes a chart breaker like Subway Surfers or Clash of Clans, you’ll surely need a bigger staff and more shared data. The intranet provider MyHub Intranet for example, provides unlimited users and unlimited cloud storage space for a fixed fee of $99/month.

Plus, if you involve your employees as much as possible at every step of the process, you’ll also have a big chance to increase the levels of employee engagement. As long as you keep your intranet

  1. Fresh with regularly reviewed content
  2. Fun with quizzes, surveys and chat rooms and
  3. Engaging with interesting bite-sized pieces of information,

every development team will benefit from this. Although the gaming industry doesn’t suffer from the same lack of engagement like traditional industries (insurances for example), disengaged employees are still among the biggest productivity issues.

To sum it up: with the right intranet design, everyone is kept up to date and engaged, no matter where your staff is – and how big it is.

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