Akinator : The genie who can guess any character you think

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Today I’ll talk about a strange app that will guess any character you’ll think just asking you few questions. It’s not magic, but it looks like it is : Akinator

Akinator is an app based on the popular website.

The idea behind is very simple. It has a large database of characters and a list of questions and automatically associate the answers to these questions to a list of characters.

The more we play this game, the more the app will guess correctly. :)

In the main screen you have the Play button to start and the Options button to setup few configurations.


The Options page let you decide the Language, if you want to enable/disable Music and Sounds, if you want to provide custom result (Customization only in the paid version) and the possibility to protect your children if they play this game alone. You can also change the background between the 2 available.


To play the game you have to think about any character real/fictional you like and answer the questions Akinator will ask to you.


Normally the first few questions are very generic but after a bit it will ask very specific things to guess the character.


Here’s the character I was thinking. :)


It’s a really nice app and in my tests it guessed correctly all the characters I was thinking about.


Here’s the link to download the app:

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  1. i want to play this game

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