Air Swiper : Galaxy S4 Air Gesture for any Android device

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Do you like the Galaxy S4 Air Gesture feature? Do you want to control your Android device by just shaking or hovering your hand? Here’s a nice app that reproduce the same features : Air Swiper

The app is using air gestures to control some common actions like open an SMS, activate WiFi, etc.

The main screen explain quickly that you can enable/disable any air gesture you like by using the On/Off settings.


Here’s the list of available settings:


SMS controls will let you open a received SMS by hovering or swiping your hand above the proximity sensor. You can also choose to automatically turn on the screen when you receive the SMS.


To be able to lock and unlock device by gesture you need to activate the app as administrator.


Now you can turn on the screen by swiping three times over the sensor and turn off by swiping once. If you like to speed up everything you can disable lockscreen.


Another nice feature is to turn on WiFi by holding your hand over the sensor for 2 seconds. You can enable Bluetooth by holding your hand for 3 seconds.


If you enable Notification you’ll see it in the notification bar and you can quickly open it from there.

The Game mode is a quick way to disable everything when you want to use a game or an app that use the proximity sensor.


I like the idea of this app and it’s very useful when you want, for example, read a SMS and you have dirty hands.

You can just hover your hand, read the SMS and swipe to turn screen off! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

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