5 Killer Android Features you aren’t using, but should

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As Android is stacked with various tools and configuration options, we often overlook some of its most useful features. Sometimes they’re hiding in our plain sight. Other times, they’re so buried deep that we won’t discover them without digging deep into submenus, fumbling blindly in the dark.

But hey! Never allow that one killer feature get away. If you are really a passionate Android power user, you’d do well to ensure that you are familiar with every single menu, utility, and toggle on this list. Okay, it might sound daunting. This is why we have done the hard work by identifying the precise location of some killer features you should never miss for anything, here we go:



Use Android Device Manager as a remote security

The Google Play Services framework will help you manage all sorts of back-end services, and Google frequently updates it in the background. The functionality packed away in this framework is of a little user-facing consequence, but there are others including the android device manager, account sync, and the malware scanning. This feature will let you track, lock, ring, and wipe your device if you mistakenly lose track of it. Basically, you can only use the Android device manager to ring and locate a device, so if you want to enjoy the full gamut of features, check out your main system settings and scroll down to Security.

Locate the Device Administrators option, and check out if an app has been granted admin privileges on your phone or tablet. Checking out the box next to Android Device Manager enables you to wipe and lock the device added to the ring and locate features. C:\Users\user\Documents\my articles\TOPICS\new articles\manage orders\clara_content\no 2.png


Screen Recording

A screen recording is the MP4 video file of every event on your screen for the duration of the capture. No existing native tool to do this on most android device for some reason, though, but you can find tons of them in the Play Store. My favorite is the aptly named Rec. Either you’re using Rec or maybe another app with support for Lollipop screen recording, what you need to do is accept the screen capture request anytime it pops up. An icon in the status bar shows up to inform you the screen recording is ongoing.

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Change your system animations settings to warp speed

Why waste your time on some slow animations when your processor has the ability to handle faster speeds? Android devices can be faster than what they used to be, but you can give your experience that zippier feel with one simple tweak.

Android has a hidden developer options menu that can be enabled by going into your main system settings, then clicking on About > Software Information > More > Build number. Now press the build number—literally, press it numerous times—until small message displays at the bottom of the screen confirming that you’re a developer.

Now get back to animations. Go to the Developer options, scroll down to Drawing and locate Transition animation scale, Window animation scale, and Animator duration scale. By default, they are all set to 1x. Of course, these animations are the eye candy you see anytime menu drops down or when an app open and close. They help in covering up lag as the system catches up, but slow settings on a fast device are not really necessary. You can just set them to 0.5x for a more snappy interface experience.

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Use the Smart Lock to get into your phone faster

Security doesn’t have to be a disturbance. It so important to keep your phone secured, but if you’re the one holding it, there’s no point in having to deal with a strong lock screen every time you drag it from your pocket.

Fortunately, android 5.0 devices now support Smart Lock. The smart lock can display the easy swipe lock screen when it’s secure to do so. The question is, how does it know? Well, there are different types of options, some are secured than others. So for example, you can set your phone to swipe unlock at home, but when you take a stroll down the block or hop in the car, it will start asking for the PIN, pattern, or password lock again. Isn’t that amazing? C:\Users\user\Documents\my articles\TOPICS\new articles\manage orders\clara_content\no 5.png



Wi-Fi Direct-best for quick file transfers

It’s always been a little annoying experience transferring files between devices, but features like Android Beam has made it all easier: all you need to is to just hold together two NFC-enabled devices (Android 4.1 above), and you are free to transfer files across a Bluetooth link. It’s such a neat trick, but transfer speeds can be limited by Bluetooth bandwidth, and file type support is capped as well. Luckily enough, most Android devices also support Wi-Fi Direct, even though Google’s stock apps don’t quite use it!!!

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