Santa Rockstar vs Aliens : Kill all aliens and save the Christmas

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Are you ready for Christmas? Are you waiting for your Christmas present? This year you’ll have to help Santa that was abducted by aliens : Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

This game has quite a strange story. Santa was abducted by aliens and you have to kill all of them to save the Christmas.

In the main screen you can choose to start play the game, check the high scores or show credits.


If you choose to play you have to choose the world. You can unlock new worlds by playing the game and accumulating gifts.


The game is very simple to play. You use a handle on the left to move Santa and a button on the right to shoot. The prospective is from the top.

At the beginning you have just a rifle with unlimited ammo, but you can even use a bazooka (limited ammo).

You obviously have to kill all the aliens to pass the levels! :)


I think is nice and simple game and you can enjoy it if you want a time killer.


Here’s the link to the game:

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens Shoot

Digital Tree Games


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