Plunk : Navigate 3d marbles through a wooden labyrinth

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Are you looking for a nice and realistic 3d puzzle game? Here an amazing one where you’ll use your accelerometer to play : Plunk

Plunk is a simple, but interesting puzzle game. The target of the game is to guide a marble through a labyrinth to a specific hole. You need to avoid to go in the other holes.


When the level start you need to hold your Android device flat because you’ll use accelerometer to move the marble. When you are ready you can just tap on the screen to start.


It’s quite simple to pass the first few levels, but after a while it’ll become more difficult.


In fact, in some levels you have to move multiple marbles at the same time to different holes.



The visual style of this game is really nice and quite realistic.

The free version have 12 levels, but if you upgrade to the pro version you’ll have 144 levels in total.

I think it’s a very fun game and that simple games like this are the best to play on your Android device. :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

Plunk! the marble game

OMG Brews


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