How to customize your Android icons

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Today we’ll talk about how to customize your Android icons to make it the way you want.

The first step to customize your icons is to have them available on your PC.

We are going to use the following app that let you extract the icons:

App Name


You just open the app and select the icons you want to customize. Be aware that the scrollbar create some problems when you tap on the checkbox. After you scroll you have to wait 2 seconds to let the scrollbar disappears.


Now you can connect your Android device to your PC using USB cable and you’ll find the extracted icons in path ExtractIcons\icons.

You copy the icons to your PC and start changing them.

You can use any tool you like to change your icons. The only important thing is to keep PNG format and the image size.

If you like you can use a nice Open Source image editor called GIMP:

or if you like to draw you can use a vector graphic editor called Inkscape:


I actually used Inkscape to draw simple images like a spider web, bat and pumpkin and use them to put on my icons.

I’m not really good at drawing and I normally search on the internet for an image I like and use it as reference to create my custom draw. :)

Here’s a screenshot of Inkscape running with my template.



If you like it you can download it from here:



You just delete the Facebook icon and drag your icon into the drawing area.

Before to export you need to set Background as transparent : File=>Document Properties and set Background with Alpha=0.

You can now go to File=>Extract Bitmap, choose file name and click on Export.

Copy back the icons you changed into the Android device.

Now you have to install a custom launcher if you want full customization.

I personally use Nova Launcher because it looks the same as the default launcher on my Galaxy Nexus, but it’s faster and with a lot of customization.

Nova Launcher

TeslaCoil Software

To change icon using Nova Launcher you long press on the icon and choose Edit. You then tap on the icon and select a new one from the gallery.



If you don’t want to install a custom launcher you can use a nice tool that allow you to customize icons on any launcher:

Desktop VisualizeR

Bii, Inc.

Unfortunately this works only for icons on the home screen, but not for icon in the toolbar.

You select the icon and the app to launch and the app will create the icon on your home screen.



I did enjoy playing with icons to make my phone more Halloween style, but you can choose to customize them in any way you like.

The only limit is your imagination! :)



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