Clone Yourself Camera : A simple app to clone yourself in a photo

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Would you like to create very special photos? What do you think of a photo with clones of you? Here’s an app to clone yourself in your photos : Clone Yourself Camera

Clone Yourself Camera is a simple app that will let you create a photo with multiple clones with just few steps.

In the main screen you can choose Start to create your photo, show Settings page (a lot of personalization is possible through these options) or show a tutorial on how to use the app.


If we choose Start what we need to do is to take multiple photos without moving the camera, but asking the subject to change position. In the free version you can take up to 2 photos, but in the pro you can take up to 4 photos.

After you take the photos you have to draw the area where the subject is.


You just draw an area and it will be colored like in the following screenshot.


You need to do the same thing in each photo. You can use Draw to draw the area, Erase to delete existing area or Zoom the area.


Here’s the final result with 3 photos.



It’s a nice app and it’s really fun to see clones in your own photos! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

Clone Yourself - Split Pic

Lyrebird Studio

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