Are nft games free to play revolutionizing the economy

Are nft games free to play revolutionizing the economy

The gaming industry is undergoing its most profound transformation in its history as a result of the introduction of a new genre known as NFT games. In the Philippines, NFT games, also known as nft games free to play, leverage blockchain technology to instill a tangible sense of ownership in players regarding in-game products and collectibles. Generally, these items can be traded with other players for cryptocurrency or cash, making them an excellent source of revenue.

What is the difference between blockchain and non-volatile memory?

Simply put, an NFT is a media file (for example, a picture, GIF, or video) that is unique to and associated with a single entity. Blockchains enable the tracking of these owners and the sale and exchange of these assets between users. In the Philippines and elsewhere, developers of nft games free to play create a limited number of NFTs that represent in-game items that players can later acquire. This scarcity increases demand for NFTs, which in some cases can cost more than a million dollars.

Earning Money Via NFT games

Creating revenue streams from video NFT games is not a new concept. For an extended period of time, players from a variety of platforms congregated on unofficial markets to sell their in-game items. The problem with this strategy is that it has evolved into a violation of numerous game laws and is frequently populated by fraudsters.

Are nft games free to play revolutionizing the economy

With NFT games, the sales scenario is quite different. There are designated markets for the trading of NFTs. Another innovation on the blockchain is smart contracts, which are used to ensure the legitimacy and efficiency of transactions. This makes nft games free to play a safe and effective method of making money in the Philippines’ Play-to-Earn industry.

Additionally, traditional gamers might make money by becoming streamers on prominent video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. To earn a living, they needed to be experts at the game and cultivate a sizable following on these platforms. In the Philippines, NFT games are often easy to master and provide a means of earning money for everyone.

Certain NFT games, such as Axie Infinity, have developed their own in-game tokens (called smooth love potion, or ‘SLP’) that may be earned in combination with the acquisition of their NFTs. This means that users are not limited to acquiring and selling NFTs, but may also participate in the game and earn bitcoin directly to their wallets.

Players whose entry barrier is the purchase of the NFTs may still earn by selection as a scholar in a NFT games guild. Crypto Gaming United is one of the country’s largest play-to-earn guilds (CGU). Guilds such as CGU provide their’scholars’ with the NFT assets necessary to begin playing and earning immediately in exchange for a portion of the in-game tokens earned.

Gaming’s future is play to earn

While NFT games are still a relatively new segment of the gaming industry, knowledge of their profitability is swiftly spreading across gaming organizations. This is understandable considering the scope of their offerings and the distinct experience they provide. As a result of the nature of NFTs, in-game assets are no longer bound to a particular game. This allows players to share their progress across many cooperative NFT games, so creating a shared universe. Indeed, this is unprecedented in the Philippines and piques interest in the worlds of bitcoin, NFTs, and Play-to-Earn. Learn more about super games at

It’s crucial to note that the approach of “nft games free to play” is not novel. Numerous online role-playing NFT games have auction houses or markets operated by gold farmers using fiat currency.

Are nft games free to play revolutionizing the economy

On the other hand, cryptocurrency game assets are stored on a blockchain. This indicates that establishing ownership and legality is easy. Additionally, the security of a blockchain network eliminates the possibility of assets being duplicated, hacked, or exploited in the way that traditional NFT games do.

Perhaps most importantly, scarcity in blockchain NFT games raises the value of in-game assets. When items are connected to the blockchain, they become impossible to copy, reducing the item’s value.

• The play-to-earn model is a business model that enables gamers to harvest or collect cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for resale. Due to the fact that users are compensated monetarily for playing NFT games, this method represents a paradigm change in the gaming industry.

• To earn money through the NFT games, players must either earn or exchange NFTs or bitcoin in-game or stake these assets in smart contracts.

• The concept of NFT games is not new in gaming; it has been used for years in online role-playing NFT games. However, blockchain-based NFT games are immune to hacking and exploiting, and the scarcity of in-game items prevents them from being replicated.

Are nft games free to play revolutionizing the economy

In the bitcoin gambling sector, liquidity is critical.

Given how dependent crypto nft games free to play are on the gaming market, it is also vital to control market liquidity. In the simplest terms, liquidity refers to the maximum number of assets that can be purchased and sold in the game market at any given time. Liquidity is a significant indicator of the health of a market; hence, liquidity is a strong indicator of the health of any marketplace.

To increase liquidity, the crypto gaming market may incorporate both NFT and FT assets. While FT assets may be scaled to have enormous liquidity markets and therefore be utilized as utility/consumables assets in the game, NFT assets can be used for their uniqueness, which often involves high-value but low-volume transactions.

Going forward

I’ve always been interested with gaming, starting with my very early design of counter strike maps. I’ve always been a gamer with a fervent ambition to work in the video game business. With the crypto NFT games gaming business soaring to new heights, I am ecstatic about the opportunities it presents and really excited to partner with new gaming ventures and entrepreneurs.

With rising investment, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency gaming is on pace to become a self-contained sector. Numerous studios have also gotten on the bitcoin game bandwagon, hoping to profit from the new trend.

Having said that, it’s logical for crypto gaming to seek to profit on the growth of the online gaming industry, since it obviously benefits both players and developers. From income opportunities to transaction simplicity, mobility, and higher levels of safety and security, cryptocurrency gaming improves the whole game experience for players while also providing new revenue streams for developers. Let us have some amusement.

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A simple guide to best nft games

A simple guide to best nft games

Earning money from video NFT games has long been a pipe dream for both die-hard and casual players. This is now fully achievable, owing to the rapid advancement of technology. You may write about video NFT games, broadcast your own gameplay, or create your own. You may even become a professional video game athlete and participate in a variety of events if you so want. However, all of them involve considerable effort. What if you could make money just by playing? Enter the world of cryptocurrency gaming.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about a whole community earning a career online by playing best nft games. After one resident won PHP 1,000 for 15 days of playing the popular game Axie Infinity, other members of the community joined in on the fun. Given that the quarantine is unlikely to end anytime soon, it’s worth exploring other methods to generate money from home.

To assist you in getting started with NFT crypto gaming, we’ve put up an educational tutorial that covers all the essentials.

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. To grasp the meaning of non-fungible, it’s necessary to first examine the idea of fungibility. This term refers to an asset’s capacity to be swapped for comparable assets of equal value.

Currency is an example of a fungible asset. If you wish to exchange your four five-peso coins for one twenty-peso bill, you may do it at your nearby sari-sari shop. They may vary in appearance, but they both contain the identical PHP 20 value.

Thus, when an asset is non-fungible, it is one-of-a-kind and cannot be simply replaced by another of equal value. For instance, you cannot just print a copy of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium picture. This is why the picture is valuable—it is unique. Thus, non-fungible tokens are essentially one-of-a-kind digital tokens that may be owned, purchased, or sold for any amount of money. The more unique your NFT is, the more money you may earn.

How Do NFT games Work?

NFTs are fully unique cryptocurrency. They are kept in a blockchain ledger as a string of numbers and letters and include numerous pieces of information such as who owns the NFT, who sold it, and when it was sold, among other things.

Additionally, each piece of data saved in NFTs is encrypted, assuring its legitimacy and scarcity. In essence, NFTs are digital files that have been authenticated using digital certificates. This is why NFTs have developed into a profitable sector, particularly in the art world.

What Are Some NFT Examples?

  • Nyan Cat – Yes, the cuddly GIF cat that went popular in 2011 was sold as an NFT for a whooping USD 580,000 on its tenth anniversary.
  • Charlie Bit My Finger – Do you recall the viral video of two brothers being the cutest infants you’ve ever seen? It has been converted to an NFT and was sold for GBP 538,000.
  • WarNymph – Grimes, an artist and Elon Musk’s fiancée, stunned the art world when she sold her NFT artwork for USD 5.18 million in a couple of minutes.
  • NBA Top Shot — The NBA has also joined on board, offering NBA highlights on NFT cards. Its most costly item at the moment is a USD 250,000 Ja Morant dunk card.

What exactly is cryptocurrency gaming?

If NFTs are popular in the world of art, how do they fit into the world of gaming? NFT enables game makers to include real-world stakes in their NFT games. Players may purchase, sell, and trade with other players using cryptocurrency by converting characters and things in the game to NFTs. As a result, cryptocurrency gaming was formed.

Cryptocurrency NFT games, often known as play-to-earn games, are a subcategory of video NFT games in which players may spend cryptocurrency to purchase digital products and unlock bonuses that enhance their gaming experience.

What makes crypto NFT games unusual is that, as NFTs, all of the goods you possess in the game are genuinely yours. The makers of the game you’re now playing have no say in what you may do with it, and it’s very difficult for them to take it away from you. Crypto NFT games are more likely to stay active for years if they are supported by an active economy. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to purchase, trade, and make money just by playing a game.

A simple guide to best nft games

How Can You Earn Money by Participating in Cryptocurrency Games?

It varies each game, but in general, you’ll be paying real money through cryptocurrencies to purchase characters or stuff and play the game.

Each time you win, you get special goods that are either common to the game or unique to it. Additionally, since all goods in crypto NFT games are non-fungible tokens, you may sell some of your more valuable and uncommon items to other players. After that, you may convert your stuff to bitcoin and pay them out in the real world using your favourite cryptocurrency platform.

Cryptocurrency NFT games Available in the Philippines

Infinite Axie

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS

Axie Infinity is what it would be like if you could make money by playing Pokemon. It’s unsurprising that this best nft games phenomenon grabbed the Philippines by storm in late 2020.

To begin, you must purchase three lovely Axie monsters and combat other Axie teams in order to earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP), which may then be converted to cash. Additionally, you may sell and trade Axies and other in-game products to boost your profits or improve your Axies squad, which results in increased SLPs.

Regrettably, the price of a single Axie has risen to PHP 15,000 as a result of the game’s popularity. If you lack that kind of financial means, you may apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship. This entails an existing player giving you three Axies in exchange for six to eight hours of playing time every day. You’ll need to agree with your sponsor on a 50-50, 70-30, or 80-20 share of your revenues.


Available in Windows and Android 

CryptoBlades is another game that you may test simply by playing it on your browser. It’s a roll-based combat game in which the objective is to acquire SKILL points every battle via the acquisition and trade of weapons and goods. The more SKILL points you accumulate, the more cash you can withdraw. If you’re the most casual of gamers, CryptoBlades’ laid-back style may be ideal for you.

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Before you decide to invest or get started with nft games list

Before you decide to invest or get started with nft games list

Game creators have the ability to create in-game items and rewards. By using the data integrity of blockchain technology, these rewards are demonstrably unique and transportable. Prizes may be earned through acquiring native digital currencies, earning NFTs, or staking. You may send coins to cryptocurrency wallets and swap them for fiat cash such as US dollars. Simultaneously, you may sell nft games list to other players using in-house trading systems or secondary markets.

Allow me to illustrate with an example!

Axie Infinity, a well-known play-to-earn game, enables players to purchase, battle, and breed virtual creatures (dubbed “Axies”) fully based on the Ethereum blockchain in nft games list. Due to the fact that each Axie is backed by an NFT, they may be purchased and traded using peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies.

Choosing the Best Earn-As-You-Play Game

Now that you understand how play-to-earn games function, you can begin looking for one (or many) that meet your specific requirements. How do you pick the best play-to-earn game for you when there are currently hundreds accessible (and many more in development)?

This article has the key to this. Prior to beginning, you should understand how they issue prizes and how to convert in-game currency to other digital currencies. Additionally, what you want to accomplish on your trip.

Determine Your Objective: NFT games, Coins, or a Combination of the Two?

Each play-to-earn game offers a choice of rewards. Numerous games will provide rewards in a combination of NFTs and game-specific coins.

Which you may trade and purchase from other players or third-party vendors. Rarely, players may earn popular currency in exchange for their engagement. Coin Hunt World allows players to hunt local communities for keys that unlock questions. If you properly respond, you will be required to pay using bitcoin or ether.

When you initially begin, it is critical to understand how you will obtain awards for games. Additionally, how long it will take you to do this. While some acts are straightforward to execute in order to earn NFTs, others require a significant time investment in order to gain rewards.

How Easy Is It to Sell Your Coins?

While some play-to-earn videogames are built on popular blockchains (like as Ethereum and Polygon), switching to a new currency may be challenging. NFT games list may take a long time to sell, despite the fact that in-game currency values might fluctuate rapidly.

Perform your investigation prior to spending your time gaming. Determine how to earn money in the real world with your coins. Understanding how to trade digital items enables you to determine if a game is a good fit for you.

Before you decide to invest or get started with nft games list

How Much Capital Should You Put into NFT Games?

To get started in a play-to-earn game, like with other video games, it is usually necessary to purchase a starter pack using cryptocurrency. The admission price varies according to the game in which you want to begin.

To begin with the extremely popular Axie Infinity, you must purchase at least three Axies. On the Axie Infinity Marketplace, common Axies sell for between $35 and $70. However, more uncommon Axies might cost hundreds of dollars.

Other games do not need you to make an initial payment. However, you will ultimately have to pay to access premium choices or play-to-earn features. You may begin playing Decentral’s virtual world game with nothing more than a MetaMask wallet. To get a username, you must purchase 100 MANA, which costs around $254 at the time of writing.

Earning cryptocurrencies via play-to-earn games has an inherent risk and provides no guarantee of return. Spend just what you can afford, and bear in mind that returns may take months to materialize, and you may never benefit at all (for some reason).

How Do I Locate Current and Upcoming NFT Games?

Once you’ve decided to give play-to-earn games a try, the next step is to choose one that fits your preferences and budget. With over 400 active blockchain video games available today, finding the one that’s right for you all comes down to doing research.

DappRadar and CoinMarketCap are two data-tracking platforms that may be used to identify new play-to-earn gaming alternatives. While DappRadar tracks the GameFi sector in terms of users and volume. CoinMarketCap offers data on the fluctuation of a game’s token price, supporting you in choosing the optimal time to invest in a game.

Before you decide to invest or get started with nft games list

How Valuable are Play-to-Earn Non-Fictional Trading Games?

The pleasure of video games is combined with the opportunity to earn real money for your time in play-to-earn games. As with any financial instrument, however, there is no such thing as “average” profits, and your results may vary.

In Axie Infinity, according to research published by the Cryptoday newsletter on Substack in July 2021, the average user may earn around 1,125 Smooth Love Potion tokens every week. At the then-high price of $0.3462 a token, a player might earn an expected $389.48 every week.

Since then, the value of the tokens has plunged precipitously, causing investment firms to reduce the average weekly return to about $100 in November 2021.

Actual games are simply one way to earn money in the metaverse.

According to Grayscale’s 2021 research, total secondary market NFT sales in Decentraland climbed around 2.5 times between September 2020 and 2021, hitting the $100 million mark.

Due to the business’s rapid expansion, it intends to establish a single-asset trust for the MANA currency in early 2021.

While play-to-earn bitcoin games might be advantageous, they typically need an initial financial investment as well as time to learn the game and grow your investment. By doing thorough study and planning to go the distance in your GameFi experience, it is feasible to have fun while earning big bitcoin rewards for your time.

Final Thoughts on The Guide to NFT Games

NFT gaming mixes digital collections with rules that enable players to link their NFTs. That is rather excellent! I’ve seen that some men want nft games list for their collectability, while others desire them for their usefulness. Numerous nft games list operate in a manner similar to trading card games.

Not everyone who collects cards, however, wants to play. Game-fi has recently developed new NFT games economies, transforming the way players earn money with NFTs. It’s no longer only about chance and profiteering; it’s also about PLAYING. Therefore, let us all refrain from napping on NFT games!

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If you deal with NFT games, keep these tips in mind

If you deal with NFT games, keep these tips in mind

Thus far, the nft games and cryptocurrency sectors in general have shown to be quite successful. Individuals have won hundreds or even thousands of dollars playing nft games. However, it is critical that you do not fall in love with a project, since this might result in significant financial loss.

Everyone wants to earn money in the world of cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately, this is not achievable for everyone. For some to succeed, others must lose, and this must be obvious from the start.

Today, we’re going to explain a bit more about this and provide you with some recommendations for avoiding financial loss when playing nft games.

What exactly is an NFT game?

To begin, it’s important to understand that these nft games are not really games, at least not in the traditional sense. The great majority are “click to earn,” which means that a few clicks each day are sufficient to earn.

This may be advantageous for some, but the reality is that without a genuine gameplay, many will see them just as a means of earning money. And this is a risky situation for your economy, since it may easily result in the oblivion of a wonderful idea.

These sorts of games are truly investments; in order to win, you must invest money, which may be little in some situations and large in others.

The ROI on nft games is often quick, as little as 15 days on average, and then the profits begin, that is, assuming the game lives long enough.

However, it must be understood that all of nft games are a modern-day Ponzi scheme. The participants who enter pay the winnings of those who have already entered. And so on until the game is done, at which point the last person to join is the one who loses their money.

Suggestions for “NOT” losing money while playing NFT games

1. Prevent yourself from falling in love with a project.

Perhaps you believe that a game is worthwhile and that it has the potential to endure a lifetime while earning you a profit. This, however, is just impossible; each game has a life cycle that is unlikely to exceed a few months. Some do not even survive a week.

Therefore, regardless of how much you like a game, avoid falling in love with it since when money is involved, you never know what can happen.

2. Expand your horizons

You may be tempted to join a game that claims to reimburse you within a few days.

However, avoid investing all of your money in a single enterprise; diversification is required for better security. Obviously, you will earn less money, but if the project fails, you will not lose all of your money.

If you deal with NFT games, keep these tips in mind

3. Invest just the amount of money that you are willing to lose.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, particularly in nft games, is a high-risk endeavor. As a result, it is not suggested that you invest funds that you do not need. You will not be caught in a bind if the project fails.

Naturally, it is critical that you never lend money to join a game. Whether it works or not, you will have to pay that money, thus this is critical.

4. Remain composed, but avoid seeming childish

When a game’s token increases in value, all is well; but, when the upswing stops (which it will), panic sets in.

People begin selling in droves, and the token begins to depreciate much more rapidly, leading more people to sell and generating a snowball effect.

It is critical to be cool at these times; I am not saying do not sell; sell, but do not panic. Transfer your funds to a secure currency, such as BNB, ETH, BTC, or USDT. Then, when the token’s price begins to increase again, purchase at a lesser price to double your coins.

5. Keep an eye out for whales

One of the things that you must understand before entering nft games is that whales will exist. We define a whale as someone who does not participate in the game but purchases the token in big amounts. They are individuals who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and engage in currency speculation.

If you deal with NFT games, keep these tips in mind

These individuals are capable of influencing the market and causing the token to quickly soar or plummet.

It is critical to be explicit about this, since it might cause fear among participants. And, as previously seen, fear may result in sales that drive the token’s value to very low levels.

6. Thoroughly analyze the games prior to joining

Prior to beginning a project, it is critical to thoroughly assess its structure and intended functionality. Each project has a tokenomic and a whitepaper; these documents outline the game’s path.

It is essential that you properly evaluate it; only then will you be able to judge if the game is really worth it or not. This manner, you can avoid falling for scams or initiatives with a bleak future.

Another approach is to watch YouTube videos and do online searches for information about the project. This manner, you’ll be able to express a different viewpoint on things.

These are six straightforward suggestions for preserving your wealth; by doing so, you will avoid losing money and make the greatest possible investments. Put these guidelines into practice and you will quickly develop into an excellent investor in the realm of NFT gaming.

Final thoughts

Thus far, the nft games and cryptocurrency sectors in general have shown to be quite successful. Individuals have won hundreds or even thousands of dollars playing nft games. However, it is critical that you do not fall in love with a project, since this might result in significant financial loss.

Everyone wants to earn money in the world of cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately, this is not achievable for everyone. For some to succeed, others must lose, and this must be obvious from the start. Feel free to go over it again.

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NFT games to watch out for in 2022

NFT games to watch out for in 2022

Even as the year 2021 draws to a close, NFT games remain popular. 2021 has been a banner year for both NFT collections and NFT games, and neither seems to be slowing down.

This month, gamers and NFT aficionados may look forward to a handful of intriguing announcements about play-to-earn NFT games. These include new nft games that will be published this month, as well as upgrades to current play to earn games.

NFT Play-to-Earn Games for December 2021

This month, there are many new nft games that gamers and nft lovers should keep a watch out for. Here are a few of those earn-while-you play nft games:

Coin Pirates

According to an article published by Play to Earn Online Magazine, the beta for “Coin Pirates” will be released this month. According to the publication, this earn-to-play NFT game “will have players chasing loot, discovering riches, and stealing from one another.” Players that assume the role of pirates in the game must purchase a pack that includes a ship, crew men, and a shovel for digging up riches.

NFT games to watch out for in 2022

Mega Universe

Have you heard about a new play-to-earn NFT game called “Mega World” and been eager to give it a try? You’ll get your opportunity this month, since the demo is now available.

According to Play to Earn’s article, “Mega World” is really “the progression of ‘MegaCryptoPolis,’ combining the social components indicated above with the business mogul gameplay of ‘MCP.”

There are also other things to keep an eye out for this month in terms of both current NFT games and yet-to-be-released titles. Among them are the following:


While “SIPHER’s” NFT game will not be released until 2022, the makers have already begun preparing for it by revealing the game’s four races. These four races, according to Hongkiat, are the Inu (dog), the Neko (cat), the Buru (bull), and the Tori (bird).

The Inus were published in September, and the Neko will be out this month. According to SIPHER’s Twitter account, the Neko NFTs will be released on Nov. 7


According to Play to Earn, the presale of the Chaos Legion expansion for the popular NFT game “Splinterland” will conclude this month. As the presale approaches, gamers may be expected to attempt to buy as many voucher tokens as possible before the presale ends.

According to the report, vouchers are required to purchase packs and may be gained via staking SPS tokens.

NFT games to watch out for in 2022

Top NFT Games Available Online

It is critical to remember that ROI is not guaranteed and is still dependent on both the NFT game and the player’s strategy.

League of Kingdoms’ is the first.

This NFT game is similar to “Clash of Clans,” in that players construct kingdoms, enhance them, and war against other kingdoms. This is an excellent semi-casual NFT game for those who do not want to spend an excessive amount of time actively playing.

Lost Artifacts

This action-adventure RPG NFT game is more engrossing than others due to the fact that players may go through a plot, develop their characters, and combat adversaries.

As is the case with other RPG play to earn games, players may undertake missions and gain prizes.


This online card game allows users to collect and fight their cards, allowing them to acquire rarer and more powerful cards and compete for prizes. The more uncommon the cards that players accumulate, the greater the price they may get for them.

Zed Run

Players may wager on the prospective winning horse in this digital horse racing NFT game. The advantage of this game is that the possibilities of winning horses remain contingent on the horses’ breed, DNA, and, of course, performance.

The Chronicles of Nine

This RPG NFT game provides players with several earning opportunities. Players may engage in combat or even dig for resources using their characters in the game.

Other unique aspects of this NFT game include the ability for players to build weapons, exchange weapons, buy and sell, and more.

NFT games to watch out for in 2022

NFT Games Online

For gamers interested in trying out NFT games with the possibility of earning money, the following are a few choices for earning money while playing.

Depending on how much initial cash is required, the rate at which participants may earn their original investment will vary.

It is also critical for players to win when it comes to earning in NFT games. Certain NFT games make it difficult for players to recoup their investment owing to their poor victory rates.

It is also critical to complete the arithmetic before to playing and investing.

What most people overlook is that, regardless of your success on Twitch or any other platform, you are a product, not a brand. This is notably true for the majority of free-to-play (F2P) play to earn games, which allow for free downloads but need payment to proceed. Nothing you purchase in these play to earn games is genuinely yours. At any moment and for any reason, the developers have the right to terminate your account. It’s explicitly stated in the T&C, which nobody ever reads.

Play-to-earn (P2E) or no-fee (NFT) play to earn games use a novel business model that improves the gaming industry’s existing situation. Rather of paying to play or playing for free but paying to win, gamers may now make money by playing.

Payments are made in cryptocurrency at all times. Each P2E game has its own native coin, dubbed the governance token. As players advance through the game, they acquire these tokens, which they can subsequently swap for crypto currencies on a DEX or directly sell for cash.

Additionally, if you decide to start an NFT game, select one that is in its infancy and is supported by a credible business. This is the time when everything is inexpensive, and you can get all of the first edition items for a little expenditure. It will pay out handsomely in the long run.

Final thoughts

This article should veer you in the right direction as regards the play to earn games to look out for.

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What Are NFT Games and How Do They Work?

NFT Games

On the blockchain, NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. This property qualifies them for usage in NFT games as characters, consumables, and other tradeable things.

NFT games have grown popular as a source of revenue in the sci-fi world. You may sell your NFTs in-game to other collectors and gamers or earn tokens via play-to-earn models.

Ensure that you transfer your gaming NFTs to a wallet that supports them. Additionally, keep an eye out for potential frauds while sending NFT to an NFT marketplace or another user. Finally, thoroughly study the rules of every NFT game you play to see whether there is any possibility of losing.

The majority of NFT games are available on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains (BSC). Some have collectable figures such as CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity, while others feature valuable cards such as Sorare.

Additionally, Binance provides NFT Mystery Boxes, which let users to acquire NFTs of different rarity. These Boxes are part of Collections created in conjunction with NFT games.

NFT games have evolved since their inception with the CryptoKitties boom and have started to provide play-to-earn models. Game-Fi, as it has come to be called, combines the worlds of finance with gaming, allowing users to make money as they play. You are no longer limited to winning, discovering, or breeding a rare object worth thousands of dollars. Apart from collectable animals, players may also explore with a variety of game models.

What are non-ferrous transition metals (NFTs)?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a blockchain-based digital cryptographic token that represents a unique object. An NFT offers a plethora of applications. It might be a virtual currency used in a game, a rare piece of crypto art, or even a physical item such as real estate. NFTs have resolved the long-standing problem of establishing decentralized digital collectibility and ownership in a world of “copy-paste.”

NFTs are not fungible. This characteristic ensures that each token is unique and cannot be exchanged for another token in the future. You may exchange 1 BTC (bitcoin) for another 1 BTC that is identical in every aspect. This is impossible with an NFT, even if the NFT art is issued as a series with several variants. Each NFT’s metadata will be unique in this situation, just as it would be in a numbered series of prints.

How are NFT games played?

NFT games are not the same as just storing cryptocurrency trinkets in your wallet. NFTs are incorporated into the rules, mechanics, and player interactions of an NFT game. For instance, a game may use an NFT to represent your unique character or avatar. Digital goods discovered during gameplay may also be NFTs. You may then exchange or trade your NFTs for profit with other gamers. A more recent, play-to-earn approach also enables you to make money through NFT games, which we’ll examine in further detail later.

So how can you technically integrate NFTs into a gaming environment? To exchange, produce, and implement NFTs in a game, developers construct smart contracts that define the NFTs’ regulations. On a blockchain, smart contracts are self-executing bits of code.

CryptoKitties, for example, is structured around a limited number of primary contracts. The most well-known is their geneScience contract, which specifies the random mechanics by which new cats are generated. Initially, the game’s makers kept the game’s code secret. Interested gamers even devised algorithms to calculate the probability of seeing certain features in cats. Players might use this knowledge to increase their chances of generating a rare breed worth more money. Learn more about Top NFT Games at

What are NFT games with a play-to-earn component?

Play-to-earn NFT games enable players to earn money as they play. Typically, players are rewarded with tokens and, on occasion, NFTs, earning more as they play longer. Tokens obtained are often required throughout the game’s crafting process.

The token approach is often more steady than the NFT drop method, since tokens can be gained regularly via gameplay, but NFT drops are more random. Play-to-earn has been particularly popular among low-income users as a supplement to fixed income or social security.

Axie Infinity has grown to be one of the most popular earn-to-play NFT games. The game needs an initial investment of three Axies, or you may get one for free from another player. Once you’ve established a Starter Team and begun performing tasks and challenges, you may earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token that can be traded on cryptocurrency platforms.

Breeders utilize SLP to produce young Axies, hence sustaining the item’s economy. Axie Infinity gained special traction in the Philippines, where many players began to subsist on the game’s play-to-earn basis. Numerous participants earn between $200 and $1000 (USD) every month, and others earn much more depending on the market price and amount of effort involved.

What are NFTs in-game?

In-game NFTs provide additional revenue stream for players of NFT games. Rather of earning a fungible ERC-20 token such as SLP in Axie Infinity or SKILLS in CryptoBlades, you gain valuable NFTs. This gaming technique is the conventional approach for NFT games to generate revenue. The value of items will vary according on its cosmetics, rarity, and usefulness in the game. Learn more about fungible ERC-20 token by clicking here.

CryptoKitties is one such game that is entirely dependent on the collectibility of in-game NFTs. Without the element of chance, it is impossible to continue playing and make a consistent income. The majority of recent NFT games include both play-to-earn and in-game NFTs.

How do NFT games generate revenue?

The earnings potential of an NFT game is determined by the game’s mechanics and market demand. You’ll earn money from other users who value the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you earn in the game. You must liquidate your assets by selling them on a market, exchange, or auction house. With NFT games, value is generated either from the collectability of the NFT or token or from its in-game function. These two reasons contribute to conjecture as well. Finally, thoroughly study the rules of every NFT game you play to see whether there is any possibility of losing.

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Top NFT games to play and invest in 2022

Top NFT games to play

NFT games make use of blockchain technology to: 

  1. Establish ownership history
  2. Blockchain-secured assets are immutable; they cannot be altered or modified.
  3. Decentralization: it is seen and used by all participants.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest NFT games for 2021 that will help you earn money. These are enjoyable games in which you may exchange stuff and in-game characters with other players. Many of them are free NFT games that you can play to receive prizes, and the Cryto gaming Bulls Telegram channel highlights the newest free-to-play NFT games that you can use to earn money.

In 2022, Here Is A List Of The Top NFT Games To Play

The following is a compilation of a list of blockchain games that have been picked for November; some of these NFT games are not yet available for play due to being in the Beta phase. You may join the Crypto gaming Bulls Telegram channel to learn about the newest money-making NFT games.

1) Battle of Guardian (BOG)

is an Unreal Engine-based real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena. This is a sophisticated fighting game built on the Solana network in which users compete against other players for increased prizes. It enables users to take use of the blockchain’s strength as well as its unmatched aesthetics. Here, players may participate in ferocious multi-realm conflicts throughout the enormous SciFi game world’s many regions. Although BOG is primarily aimed towards PC players, it will ultimately allow cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG believes in the metaverse’s future and is committed to establishing a stable gaming economy with long-term potential. The BOG delivers a pleasant and enjoyable gaming metaverse experience with each new game published, complete with amazing visuals, unique NFTs, and multiple possibilities to make actual income.

Globally, the gaming industry is currently valued more than $300 billion dollars. Whereas the non-traditional gaming sector provides less than 10%. The game business, particularly the NFT Fighting Game, offers an enormous amount of untapped potential. Learn more about NFT Games at

2) Cyberspace Idle

Idle Cyber is a frontier defense game set in the year 2088, in which humans lead a team of mutants to defend the wall, fight cyborgs, and defeat enormous monsters in order to save mankind.

Our Opinion:

Idle Cyber is based on BSC and seems to be promising; it will provide a plethora of options for gamers to earn, invest, and sell NFTs in order to generate a profit. This is a respectable idea, and investors may also earn a profit by investing in their game.

3) Infinite Axie

Axie Infinity is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) game inspired by Pokémon etymology and built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features millions of endearing fantasy creatures known as Axies that users may gather, grow, combat, and trade as digital pets. Its fundamental principle is one of play-to-earn, rewarding users for their time and work. These prizes are obtained during the gameplay in the form of an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token. On decentralized exchanges like as UniSwap or Binance, SLP tokens may be swapped for other Ethereum tokens.

Axie Infinity is perhaps one of the most well-designed cryptocurrency ideas. Everything from the user experience to the tokenomics is created and executed with care. It is now the most expensive NFT games collection, with a market worth of $42 million in June 2021 and predicted sales of more than $1 billion this year. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Their objective is to establish a virtual economy in which individuals may own and manage companies, as well as save, invest, and spend money without ever having to visit a bank. Click here to learn more about NFT Game.

4) Unchained Gods

A trading card game featuring a free-to-play and earn-to-play NFT games concept in which users may create decks and compete against other players. Gods Unchained is a card trading game in the manner of Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. Its excellent in-game features and complex animations have propelled it to more than $1.3 million in less than a month, according to a statement on the game’s official website. Due to the fact that Ethereum’s cards are verifiable property, all participants own their assets. Griffith, The Chosen, an example NFT card, sold for $12k in May 2021.

Gods Unchained seems to be the industry leader in trading card NFT games, with a newly opened marketplace and more methods than ever to sell your cards. Gods Unchained will be built on Immutable X and will have a gas-free marketplace.

5) Cryptocats

CryptoKitties was the first game to be developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Players acquire, trade, and breed cats in order to develop desired characteristics that are represented by indivisible and unique ERC-721 tokens. Players may sell CryptoKitties on popular non-financial trading platforms such as The game was created on Ethereum and released in November 2017 by Dapper Labs.

Whether you believe it or not, collecting and rearing digital cats is an enthralling hobby. For example, in 2017, the game’s popularity resulted in network congestion and headlines on the Ethereum network. A CryptoKitty may be obtained by purchasing one from the marketplace or by breeding two Kitties together. Breeding enables players to get access to uncommon traits. Additionally, you may win incentives for building a cat collection. Once you’ve accumulated a collection, you may transport your cats to KittyVerse to compete in catfights. Additionally, you may collaborate with other players to solve riddles.

6) Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world role-playing adventure game created on the Ethereum Blockchain. It has a play-to-earn NFT games model in which players may earn in-game incentives. Players may now experience a new age of NFTs as a result of the integration with Immutable X. You receive access to zero-fee gas, peer-to-peer minting, and quick transactions, all while maintaining safe custody of your money. It blends features of conventional RPG collecting games with the popular Autobattler genre’s combat mechanics.

7) The Playground

The Sandbox is a virtual-style play-to-earn NFT games metaverse in which you may own land, play NFT games, or create your own. You may take control of the vast virtual universe in a variety of ways, such as a collector, artist, game decider, or just as a player who rambles about the metaverse, bouncing from game to game. The sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain and use its own coinage, Sand.

It is one of the most touted cryptocurrency metaverses. It has built an editor for creating models and animations for the blockchain’s future edition. If you’re seeking to invest in virtual land or real estate, this is one of the best NFT games to play and will almost certainly have a large metaverse presence.

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Why you should consider playing NFT games

playing NFT games

As you can see, NFT games are gaining popularity daily. In this respect, we’ve created a summary of the long-term advantages that NFT games are predicted to provide. Continue reading.

Everything will revolve on ‘interoperability.’

That is a large term, and it encompasses a large concept. Your NFT collectable may be utilized in a variety of NFT games, though not all of them. Because the NFT is stored on a blockchain, its data and ownership are traceable, and it is impervious to tampering, it may be readily moved across NFT games that use the same blockchain.

This would be one of Ubisoft’s Quartz’s strengths. Being able to connect all of their main gaming brands and their products as NFTs would be intriguing for a publisher. To stave off suspicions of a cash grab, Ubisoft disclosed that it would not benefit from Quartz resells, and that this NFT platform will be constructed on the low-carbon Tezos blockchain.

NFTs allow users to wrest control of in-game goods away from the game’s publisher. In principle, items purchased and earned on an NFT blockchain may be utilized across several NFT games. Thus, if Ubisoft discontinues Ghost Recon Breakpoint but releases a new Tom Clancy shooter, you may theoretically transfer your ‘Clancy NFTs’ to the new title.

There are concerns about the extent to which this may be taken. What are the practicalities of moving an NFT across several sorts of NFT games, for example? Additionally, it begs the issue of whether this usage of NFTs would stifle originality, since all new NFT games will likely need the incorporation of previous NFT materials.

Games will lead the metaverse 

NFT-powered games such as Splinterlands and Axie Infinity are already ahead of the curve for individuals interested in blockchains and the metaverse. NFT games will be a subset of the metaverse, with NFTs serving as the glue that connects them to the rest of our linked, digital future.

If you’ve read that text and are still wondering what the metaverse is, continue on. You can learn more about it in our comprehensive guide.

While some, such as Meta, see the metaverse as a single entity or location, it will almost certainly be more than a posh Zoom call. The metaverse will be distributed over the internet, with several platforms, NFT games, and websites hosting it. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard hints to the possibility of a Microsoft metaverse accessible through Game Pass. Click here to learn more about NFT Games

The metaverse is a blanket phrase for Web 3, and it will fundamentally alter how we socialize, work, play video games, and connect. It will have several aspects and places, and we shall have numerous ‘personalities’. Your Axie persona will very certainly be distinct from your Call of Duty persona, just as your LinkedIn identity is distinct from your Twitter persona.

Video NFT games have the potential to be the metaverse’s beating heart, connecting fashion, music, art, and events. Brands are already rushing to join current’metavese’ games — Adidas has purchased property in The Sandbox, a virtual real estate firm; Gucci has worked with Roblox to sell products; and Balenciaga has partnered with Fortnite developer Epic Games to provide virtual store-exclusive clothing.

The metaverse is already taking shape, and NFTs will facilitate and expedite its development.

NFT games will include elements of the real and virtual worlds

Consider FIFA with NFTs. That NFT collectable Spurs jersey you acquired or purchased in FIFA (assumedly) may be used for purposes other than in-game bragging rights. NFTs are demonstrating an unmatched ability to connect the digital and physical worlds.

The Bored Apes Yacht Club, which will release a BAYC game in 2022, as well as KokoSwap, conduct frequent events for its owners. Thus, FIFA NFT may entitle you to an invitation-only Spurs training camp or fan event. However, you may be able to get a really uncommon shirt as a wearable.

“It’s about making relationships,” explains Chris Clarke of KokoSwap. While digital wearables in NFT games may increase in value as a result of scarcity, NFTs also serve a purpose when the two worlds mix — in the future, clothing and items will be pulled from games and become tangible. “It’s the ability to integrate the two worlds,” Clarke explains, “that transforms a jpeg into something much more.”

Collectibles inside the game will be upgraded

This is an area in which big game companies are already experimenting with NFTs. To the chagrin of many, Konami issued a 35th anniversary collection of NFTs for Castlevania. Nonetheless, these NFTs sold for an average of $12,000 per NFT, indicating that there is demand.

Gamers are used to collecting gaming stuff and uncommon gifts. Possessing a piece of gaming history, particularly old game graphics and soundtrack, is very alluring. According to the Konami example, gamers held their noses and purchased.

For established companies like as Sega, Square Enix, and Electronic Arts, the potential to give fans a piece of history through NFTs will almost certainly be too good to pass up. Consider how NFTs may be used to monitor the ownership of physical treasures; if a new statue, figurine, or painting could be marked and its ownership recorded on a blockchain, we could be on the verge of a new age of game collecting.

“I see it occurring because there is so much value in it,” Chris Clarke adds, describing gaming NFTs in this manner as demystifying NFTs. “With the technology that is being developed today, I believe we are on the verge of arriving. With cryptocurrency and blockchains, I believe it is only a matter of scaling them to achieve widespread usage.”

NFTs will be the next Kickstarter project.

Crowdfunding is not a novel concept. For some years, Kickstarter has offered fans the opportunity to help launch NFT games, but the incentives are often your name in the game and a chance to be the first to play.

GameStarter, an NFT platform, enables independent developers to raise funds for their games by offering pre-sale in-game items as NFTs. This implies that players may choose an independent game, contribute to its funding, and get a piece of the game.

Additionally, GameStarter offers an in-game marketplace and a token ($GAME) for trading non-transferable in-game items after the title debuts. The route provided by GameStarter enables the development of a community prior to the release of a game, giving creators time to be innovative.

This is only one example, but GameStarter hints to a future in which gamers may become investors and acquire NFTs for a piece of a game. As with most of the new world of NFTs, some UX love and risk disclosure will be required for this to really take off. However, NFTs have the potential to create a whole new layer of crowdfunding for video games.

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