Bunny Shooter : Shoot pink rabbits in this addictive puzzle game

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Here’s a very addictive arcade/puzzle game where you shoot arrows to kill some bad pink rabbits : Bunny Shooter

The main screen let you start the game, check the scores and show the credits.


If we choose Play we can select the level and start to play. As you can see I already played a bit and it’s really funny! :)


You have a bow and some arrows. You need to kill all the rabbits on the screen using the available arrows. You can also use some objects that will help you in your quest.

For example in the following screenshot if I cut the rope, the anvil will drop on the rabbit below. Using these tricks you can reduce the number of arrows required to complete the level.

If you use less arrows you get a better score.



It’s a very simple, but addictive game. It has 60 challenging levels distributed on 4 worlds.


Here’s the link to download the game:

Bunny Shooter Free Funny Archery Game

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