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Did you ever wish to work at an airport? Would you like to check a luggage’s content using X-Ray? In this nice game you’ll become a security guard : Airport Scanner.

Airport Scanner is a game where you impersonate a security guard that want to keep the airport secure using X-Ray scanner to detect any dangerous items in the luggages.


The first time you start the game it will teach you which items are illegal and need to be blocked.


To block an item you need to tap on it before it passed the security scanner. When a luggage doesn’t have an illegal items you can speed up the process by dragging the scanner to the right.

You need to be fast because you have limited time to complete your job.


If you miss an illegal item you will lose a star. You have 4 stars and when you lose all of them you have lost the game.

AirportScanner5Here’s what happens when you lose all your stars:


The game has 5 different airports and 21 missions to complete. It’s a really nice game and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it.


Here’s the link to download the game:

Airport Scanner

Kedlin Company, LLC


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